Green incentives – your success is rooted in our nature.

Activities greener than any meadow.

Home-growing is more fun.

Events that grow to new heights: Our green incentives let you experience nature and the region at first hand. True to our motto of “Knowing where it comes from, knowing what’s good”, we do our part for society and nature by cultivating our own hotel produce. We launched this initiative in 2015, and look forward to sharing our favourite project with you as part of fascinating programmes.
Ideal as a component of your next conference or for a special day.

Please note that some programme components depend on the season.

Planting vegetables.

With the help of a planting machine, you can plant up to 1,000 vegetable plants on the cultivated field around SCHLOSS Fleesensee.

Harvesting vegetables.

Our SCHLOSS farmers can plant a certain amount of seedlings in due time for the participants on the event day to be able to harvest them. The vegetables are washed and packed on the spot ready for transport to the SCHLOSS kitchen.


Accompany our hunting supervisor in the forest. Our hunting ground supervisor takes participants along and tours the hunting ground with them. The idea is to learn about how to read tracks, explore the forest habitat in detail and gain an insight into the important work of the hunter.

Hands-on beekeeping.

Don the safety equipment of the beekeeper and take a direct look inside the hive, find out interesting facts from our beekeeper and enjoy some tasty honey samples.
Can be combined with other activities like sowing bloomers or building a beehive box.


Join a ramble in our extensive and varied SCHLOSS park and adjoining woodland to gain an excellent introduction to various herbs and useful plants.
Is it a weed or a valuable plant? In many cases, we are unaware
of the curative powers of many little plants.
Join our herb expert on a ramble and seek them out
to later prepare herb oils or salts.

Insect hotel.

Everyone knows how important insects are to maintaining a balanced ecological system.
It is up to us to understand them and support the benefits they bring. To do so, we build an insect hotel with you, which you can take home with you afterwards.
Every participant joins in the building project. We start by building the basic frame, then the boxes, inserting and filling them (with nests etc.).

Building nesting places.

Together, we build nesting places for local bird species and bats. Both ensure a natural ecological balance. One of our favourite programmes, it is our way of helping and trying to understand them. The nesting places are sited around the SCHLOSS park and resort.

Fishing course.

Immerse yourself in the special world of the Mecklenburg fishers. Experience live what it means to go fishing, throwing out and pulling in the fishing nets. And, at the same time, learn all about the diverse underwater world of the Mecklenburg Lake District and take a shot at casting a line yourself.

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