Sweets for the soul. Magical delight.

Contemporary. In style. And taste.

Culinary delight with all our senses.

Enjoy with view.

All magic. Sliced. And by the unit.

Pure delight at SCHLOSS Restaurant Fleesensee.

First Class and pure delight.

The modern and contemporary gourmet restaurant offers you culinary delights of the highest class preferably from regional, private cultivation. Our dishes combine traditional recipes with the sophistication of the star kitchen in modern and surprising creations.

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Culinary delights for all the senses.

SCHLOSS is an excellent place to pamper your body and soul with outstanding cuisine. Whether regional specialities, international culinary highlights or sophisticated drinks – our food and drink are a veritable treat. Our menu is top quality, varied, and prioritises fresh, regional products grown where possible in the SCHLOSS gardens.

Our first-class service team will be pleased to meet your requirements with care and attention. Whether you visit one of our restaurants, one of our outdoor dining areas or one of our bars, we will do everything to make you happy. All venues can also be booked for your private or corporate event.

Our hotel's own agriculture.

Good to know where it comes from.

An increasing number of people seek to live their lives more consciously, placing emphasis on healthy eating and, wherever possible, using sustainably sourced products. Hotels & Sportresort Fleesensee has been inspired by this trend and incorporated it into its day-to-day operations with a clear commitment to the environment and sustainability. From our own farm established in Göhren-Lebbin in 2015, a complementary range of healthy and sustainably grown food is being integrated over the long term. Knowing where it comes from: Hotels & Sportresort Fleesensee is committed to this philosophy, and guests can experience the farm with all their senses.


The best. For the soul. Body. Mind. And stomach.

The CASTLE is an excellent place to pamper body and soul with outstanding culinary delights. Be it regional specialties, international culinary highlights or well-kept drinks - our food and drinks are a real treat.
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Culinary delights. Let's start visual.

Come and discover images that will show you the diversity of our tastes and take you into a world of indulgence.
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